Getting the Correct Manifest #general


Hello Genners and Happy New Year to all!
I was excited to find my grandmother's brother's name on the Ellis
Island site. I went for the "gold" and clicked on the original manifest
only to find the incorrect manifest and no listing for my possible
relative Leibe Soloncz. I clicked on text manifest and found that he
came to America on the ship the Patricia, November 20, 1903. He is on
that manifest list but only text. When I click on the original
manifest, it brings up La Bretagne, arriving November 23, 1903 and Leibe
is not on the list. EI has mixed it up. How do I let them know of
this error? Is their anyway I can get the correct manifest as it is on
the site now? If anyone out there understands my problem, I would so
appreciate your help. Thank you.

Carol Streem
Cleveland, Ohio
STRIMOVSKY, STREEM... Kremenchug...NYC....Cleveland. CHANOWICZ,
SMOLINSKY....Lomza or Vilna?...NYC
GRUNBAUM, GREENBAUM....Lodz....Lanskrona,Sweden....Joliet, Ill.

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