Re: Landsmanschaften...since we're on the subject #general


FSI stand for Free Sons of Israel. Maimonides Lodge No. 80 FSI was
located in New York City.

I did a google search on Maimonides Lodge FSI and came up with a couple
of JGSNY URL citations.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Suzecrazy@... wrote:

I thought I'd give it another try here. I've contacted YIVO and probably
every resource available to me. My Great grandparents were >from Scroda ,
born 1828. On my GG headstone, in Pa, It is carved in huge letters,
Maimonides Lodge No. 80FSI
It's probably hopeless, but does anyone know about this? Possibly
they never kept records of anythig besides the name?
Susan Stock

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