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Joe Newman <jdaanew@...>

EI is full of search errors. For example, try finding a 1906 manifest
image. Chances are its not there. I have emailed EI and never gotten any
responses, nor ad anything fixed. Previously one might try Stephen
Morse's 'missing manifests' website. It is shut down now, hopefully

In the meantime, your best bet is to order the films through a FHL (Latter
Days Saints Family History Library). You can find the film numbers on the
jewishgen site. Try this link:
or the LDS library catalog: .

It was encouraging the 'EIDB success' posting on 9/4. An image >from 1906
was found by this poster after a long wait. So I went back and looked for
my 1906 manifest and an image finally came up! Alas, it was the wrong
ship! Oh well, my microfilm >from LDS should be here in a week or two.

Joe Newman
Fayetteville, Arkansas

NEWMAN,NEUMANN(Hodasz,Kolcse,Debrecen Hungary; NYC)
PAVEL(Hodasz,Opaly,Vaja Hungary; NYC)
ROTH,FISCHER,FREIDMAN(Ragaly,Jakfalva,SzinPetri Hungary; NYC)
CHASEN,CHASIN,GOTBAUM(Ekaterinaslov/Dneprpetrovsk,Berdichev Ukraine; NYC)

Hello Genners and Happy New Year to all!
I was excited to find my grandmother's brother's name on the Ellis
Island site. I went for the "gold" and clicked on the original manifest
only to find the incorrect manifest and no listing for my possible
relative Leibe Soloncz. I clicked on text manifest and found that he
came to America on the ship the Patricia, November 20, 1903. He is on
that manifest list but only text. When I click on the original
manifest, it brings up La Bretagne, arriving November 23, 1903 and Leibe
is not on the list. EI has mixed it up. How do I let them know of
this error? Is their anyway I can get the correct manifest as it is on
the site now? If anyone out there understands my problem, I would so
appreciate your help. Thank you.

Carol Streem
Cleveland, Ohio

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