Aus. Hung. Verein #general


During this Rosh Hashanah holiday, I set the table as always,
placing my Dad's Kiddush cup at my husband's setting. My Dad
passed away in 1977, and my Mom gave me his Kiddush cup. For the
first time since I began researching my Family Tree - I noticed
and read carefully the engraving on one side of the cup:
Aus. Hung. Ferein
presented to
[my parent's names]
A Star of David is engraved on the reverse side.
Am I correct in thinking Ferein is misspelled, and probably should
be Verein, which means "organization" [while Ferein/Ferien means
"holiday"]? Does anyone have knowledge of an organization as
mentioned above?
Thank you.
Sylvia Furshman Nusinov
Researching: FRUCHT [FURSHMAN] , MELC, DOROGOI - Lithuania: Vilcomir
[Ukmerge], Kovno [Kaunas], Vilna [Vilnius], Moletai. c. 1800-1945;
Paris,France; EHRENPREIS - Austria: Lemburg [Lviv, Ukraine]; Sweden;
AWNER [AVNER] - Austria: Lemburg [Lviv, Ukraine], England; Israel;
NUSINOV/NOUSSINOV - Russia: Jitomir - Volynia guberniya [Zhitomir,
Ukraine]; Buenos Aires, Argentina; LENT/LENTOTCHNIK - Russia: Jitomir
[list truncated at six lines]

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