Information from Burial Societies #general

MikenHelene <carsonmh@...>

I have a question concerning information that can be obtained
from Burial Societies. My grandfather Samuel Jacob Rosen (aka
Sam/John Rose), his mother, (Mary Rosen) and his sister and her
husband (Anna Rosen-Nurock, and Harold Nurock) are buried at Mt
Hebron Cemetery in Flushing NY. They are all buried within the
society grounds of The Manhattan Young Mens Society. The cemetery
was kind enough to give me the n ame and address of the president
of the society, and I was wondering what sort of information, if
any would be obtained >from them.

Thank you
Helene Rose-Carson
Crossville, TN
researching Rose/Rosen, Nurock, Schwartz, Goldstein, Ginsberg,
Cohen NYC

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