Abraham I. JACOBS Info Found; Now Searching for Robert L. Kushnick #general


Joseph Jacobs and Robert L. Kushnick were Executors of the Estate
of Abraham Jacobs. If Mr. Kushnick's name is familiar to anyone,
please contact me privately. Joseph Jacobs was possibly Abraham's

Many, many thanks with deep appreciation to all who viewed VM-1734
and VM-1735. Additional deep appreciation to Carol Rombo Rider who
informed me that she had helped copy the funeral home information
for the Jewish History Museum in Baltimore.

I contacted them and have received a copy of the funeral home records.
This information has given the full name of Abraham's mother as Leah
Glassman and his father as J. Jacobs.

The funeral was ordered by Mollie Jacobs for the Estate of Abraham I.

Thank you Chuck Weinstein for writing . . . The father's name is
almost certainly Zorach J. Jacobs. Zorach is a Biblical name (a
grandson of Jacob). . .The Death Certificate, as you will recall,
showed the father to be Zorach S-or-J. Jacobs. FYI, Abraham's
tombstone shows Avraham Yitzhak ben Yakov. So we definitely seem to
have Zorach Jacob Jacobs.

I can't help wondering if the Jacobs name is because of his being
"a grandson of Jacob" as there were no surnames in Poland/Russia
during that period of time.

My search continues, however. Please let me know privately if the
descendants of Robert L. Kushnick are in your family and if so, how
I may contact them.

Again, my sincere appreciation to all of you. I hope I missed no one
in my personal responses.

May we all be blessed with A Peaceful, Happy & Healthy New Year!

Rachelle Leaf Berliner
Savannah, GA
rlberliner@aol.com or rlberliner@comcast.net
Posen, Poland/Prussia/Germany/Russia to London to Baltimore)
* Additional search Names in U.S. - HELLMAN, LEVY, COHEN, Sam FINE,
Raymond FINE, KAHANOW, LEAF (the 7 Jacobs sisters married names)

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