Researching a name change #general



For some, there may be a relatively easy source to check on a name
change. My mgf was naturalized in April, 1915, in the Eastern District
Federal Court in Brooklyn. In the section of the petition titled
"Order of Court Admitting Petitioner", there is a second paragraph
that allows for a name change.

My other gf was naturalized almost exactly one year later to the date,
but in Brooklyn Supreme Court. The forms >from both courts are very
similar but not exact duplicates. The Brooklyn Petition, at least that
part which I copied, does not include the name change option. And it
certainly does not appear in Admitting section. Since it would seem
like an opportune time to file such a change, I wonder if the Brooklyn
court required it to be a separate action. If so, I would conduct such
research in the same time frame as the naturalization petition.


Ty Henken
Centennial, Colo.

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