Jewish Student Union of the University of Erlangen, Germany, 1948/49 #general

Zev Griner <zgnews613@...>

Here is a scan of the members of the Jewish Student Union of the
University of Erlangen, Germany, 1948/49:

I would like to contact as many as I can to get their recollections
of my late uncle, Isaac Pancer (Izak Panzer). I have no idea where
anyone is.

Below are their names which appear to be using a German spelling,
with the letter J substituting for I. Following each name, I indicated
if they are male or female.

from left to right:
First (top) row:
E. Joffe, m
E. Mandel, f
F. Lichter, f
D. Schindel, f
P. Krajcer, f
R. Pomeranz, f
G. Majngarten, f
A. Brenner, f

Second row:
R. Gross, f
H. Bachner, f
J. Zajonczkowski, m
J. Silberherz, m
L. Lustig, m
M. Hupert, m
J. Dresner, m
L. Schindel, m
L. Turner, f
M. Schewach, f

Third row:
S. Edelman, m
A. Lichter, m
S. Mandel, m
M. Majngarten, m
M. Zarnowiecki, m
B. Schmorak, m

Fourth row:
J. Smulewicz, m
E. Klinghoffer, m
W. Lichter, m
M. Podbereski, m

Fifth (bottom) row:
M. Schnitzer, f
P. Kimmelfeld, m
B. Faigenbaum, f
N. Gesundheit, m
C. Neiger, f
M. Penczak, m
S. Fischbein, f
J. Panzer, m
H. Mandel, f
M. Hochzeit, m
M. Willner, f
E. Klieger, m

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