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<< I just (after 60 years) found out my father died in Dachau but
worked in Riederloh. Can anyone enlighten me as to what and
where Riederloh was and anything else available on this camp.
I never heard of it before. Appreciate your help. >>

Dachau had 123 subcamps. A "google" search turned up several sites
for Riederloh including one which had a map of the town. Most of the
sites were in German, but some had a button for automatic English
translation (which is usually crude). ( One URL was partly described
as mentioning that it was a "punishment" camp" but when I clicked it
on, the site was unavailable.

But at:

there is a typewritten letter in English >from an Anton Posset to a Mr.
Saks about a concentration map of Dachau Mr. Saks had. Mr. Posset said
Mr. Saks' map was very inaccurate. Mr. Posset then presents a brief
numbered list of several locations near Dachau where inmates worked,
one of which was Riederloh, which Mr. Posset sad was 60 miles >from
Landsberg, near Kaufbeuren. He writes that reports still exists >from
inmates of the Riederloh camp.

A couple of URLs giving lists of "Forgotten camps" list Riedloh. One
of these is:

which puts Riedeloh as one of a group under the heading "Kaufering

Another site, this one of the Janusz Korczak Communication Center, at:

offers some accounts by former inmates one of whom came to Dachau from
Riederloh in 1944. (This site is in German but automatic translation
in English is possible but it doesn't comprehend that Kaufering is a
place name.)

Riederloh is also listed in a French site at:

Riederloh was a former ammunitions factory owned by Alfred Nobel & Co.
or its "daughter" firms. The factories made dynamite. (See:

and )

Ironically, many of the Riedloh websites which "google" turned up
indicate that the town is now the location of a organization
called "Humedica" which is devoted to famine relief in southern Africa.

Possibly more about Riederloh can be found in books, but my 1962
Columbia Lippincott Gazetteer does not list it. But it does have an
entry for Kaufbeuren (see above mention of Mr. Posset's letter to
Mr. Saks) so I suppose that Riederloh was merely a suburb of Kaufbeuren.

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