Help with 1829 Russian occupations #general

R Gerber <beccamd@...>

I am working on a project for JewishGen, and could use the expertise
of someone. I have a series of documents handwritten in Russian.
There are several columns

1 - female record number
2- male record number
3 - who performed the bris (usually 2 or 3 names)
4 - Christian date of birth (and date of bris)
5 - Jewish date of birth (and date of bris)
6 - where recorded (usually in Kishinev)
7 - Father and mother of child
8 - name of the child

I am particularly interested in column 7. This column at times
includes the father's occupation.

I have images of some of the lines which include occupations.

If you think you can help, please contact me privately, and I can
send the files to you.

Rebecca Gerber
Illinois, USA

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