Question re Passenger Lists #general


Hello fellow Genners!

Are the passenger lists in the National Archives the same as the
manifests at Ellis Island? In other words, if I have passenger
manifests that show date of arrival as well as city of origin,
are the passenger lists at the National Archives going to show
me anything new?

Thanks very much,
Karen Jo Rippens (ne Rubin)

Handler/Gendler and Fogel, >from Lukov (Matsiev, Maczv, Matzew, Maciew)
Gub. Wolin/Volhynia Ukraine, to Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, USA
Chankes, >from Bulbul to Matsiev, etc.
Zerobnick/Rubin, >from Ostrow-Lubelski to New York, to Ogden, Utah, USA
Muit/Mudd, >from Ostrow Lubelski to New York, Ogden, Utah, USA

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