Looking for birth parents, Staten Island 1939. #general


A Male friend was born on November 9th, 1939, in Staten Island,
NY, County of Richmond. He was given up for adoption immediately
and was taken in by the Louise Wise Agency. He was adopted on
March 26, 1940 by his adopted parents.

I have in my hands a Certification of Birth with the Birth Record
No. of 2098 filed in Richmond Office of the Bureau of Records on
November 16, 1939.

I also have a letter, written by the Louise Wise Services to my
friend Robert Keery (adopted name), giving him the information
that they were allowed to give him in March 25, 1993. It tells of
a young woman, pregnant living in their Staten Island residence
for pregnant women. Whe delivered at the local hospital. They
also tell him that they were Jewish parents 19 & 18 years old.
They were unmarried and each was an American born Jew. She was
the oldest of four children all ranging >from 8 to 16 years.
Maternal grandparents were both 48 years old and each had been
Austrian born. Grandfather was employed as a baker and your
grandmother was a housewife.

The birth Mother dropped out of high school at age 16. slender
with dark brown hair and heavily lashed dark brown eyes. and she
was about 5"2" tall. She was in good health as well as the father
of the unborn child. The father was 5"8" tall, blond and blue eyed.
They dated and then when the father heard of the pregnancy he

Can anyone help me find his birth certificate which should have
his birth Mother and Father listed on the certificate. What he
has, is a certification only, with no additional information,
except when he was born and when they registed his name at the
Department of Health which was the 18 day of Feb. 1941. Nothing
else--no Hospital, no birth parents etc.

It seems to me, that the original birth certificate was sealed,
the Agency will not give out the information.

My feelings is that there were not that many hospitals on Staten
Island in 1939 and not many Jewish people living on the Island
and probably not many births on that day in 1939. Am I thinking
in the right direction? Please help if you have any suggestion,
how to go about the research.

Beatrice SWART
Tamarac, Fl

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