Trying to find Naomi/Nechama Chidekel WEXLER of California #general

Josie Barnett <josieb@...>

For the past year and a half I have been trying to find my World War
II *mystery* survivor cousin >from Sharkovschina (Szarkowszczyzna)
who ended up in California and who may be named as above. A member of
the family lost touch with her about 25 years ago. According to my
understanding she is in her early to mid seventies. I have looked up
details in phone lists and can only find a Nancy WEXLER living in
California. Due to privacy laws etc., I can proceed no further. Maybe
someone on this list may know who she is. Please also bear in mind that
I live in Israel and there are limitations to my research resources.

My purpose for locating her is to help me with my family research and
establish a family contact.

For the groups information, I was formerly subscribed to Jewishgen
under a different email address.

Tekoa, Israel

Researching: CHIDEKEL Sharkovschinna, CHIDEKEL Kherson Gubernia/
Ukraine?, LEVENE/HANOVITZ Janova (on the border)? WOOD/HOLC Plonsk

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