SHORN burials at Edmonton Cemetery, London #general

Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

I'm researching the family of a Morris SHORN who lived with his
wife Yetta and children in London's East End up to early 1930's
(or later). The Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain has
downloaded many of the burial records for the Edmonton Cemetery
as well as death and stone setting announcements >from the Jewish
Chronicle (London). One of internment records is for a Deborah
SHORN, age 6, who died on 5th Oct. 1918; parents Maurice and
Yetta SHORN. (Possible cause of death the Spanish flu, that
killed millions in Europe and the U.S. in 1918.)

Coming across this record was a real coup! This is the first time
I've managed to find any BMD records for the SHORN family. (Morris
SHORN was a cousin of some kind of my maternal grandmother Sarah

There was also an Anthony Alfred SHORN (wife Faye) whose death
and stone setting announcement was recorded by the Jewish Chronicle
on 4th January 1996. (Age not given) Anthony (or Tony) was
probably Maurice (Morris)'s and Yetta's son.

Other death and stone settings were for the following:
Bessie SHORN, age 94, DOD 12 Sept. 1999
Gloria SHORN (maiden name Bennett), DOD 10th Oct. 1997

If anyone is planning to visit the cemetery, soon, and would
consider taking pictures of the SHORN family's headstones on my
behalf, I'd be very grateful and pleased to remunerate him/her for
any expenses involved.

I'm particularly interested in knowing where and when Maurice
(Morris) SHORN died and was buried. Like my maternal grandparents
(Israel and Sarah Rachel ROSE/DROZDIASZ) Morris SHORN may have come
from Karczew, Poland (or the environs thereof). Am hoping that the
inscription on his headstone will include the name of his father.

I'm hoping that the family purchased a family lot -- or at least
were buried fairly close together in the Cemetery.

Please reply privately.

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, Ca
Formerly >from Birmingham, England

ISAACS (family of Solomon & Sarah), Poland, town unknown
SHORN/SHORR/SCHORR (family of Morris and Yetta SHORN), Poland,
town unknown

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