Re: Miedzyrzec Podlaski (Mezritch) #general

Albert W. Gershman <gershie@...>

As well as Mezhirich in the Ukraine

Mila Begun wrote:

Alan Rems recent message about the excellent web site for Miedzyrzec
Podlaski ( ) raises a question about *which*
town we are talking about. The web site is all about Miedzyrec Podlaski
in Poland, but Alan's message also refers to an interest in a town in
Belarus. As we see with many Polish towns, the same name pops up in
different locales.

The Polish town of Miedzyrzec Podlaski is in Lublin district, and was
a vital center of Jewish life in the 19th century and beyond. There
is also a town in Belarus with the name of Miedzyrzec. Both are
commonly called in Yiddish: Mezritch. (Different spellings are also
known for Mezritch.) ...

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