Any 'Mordechai Mendel ben Yaacov Yitzchak' or vice versa out there? #general

Ingrid Rockberger <ingridr@...>

My husband's gfather and his brother arrived in England about
1904. The brother went on to the USA. The family received one
postcard >from Chicago, and never heard another word. The family
naming tradition is Mordechai Mendel ben Yaacov Yitchak (my
husband) and Yaacov Yitzchak ben Mordechai Mendel (his father
z'l) and so on. Maybe descendants of the brother (don't know
his given name) have been carrying on the tradition. The family
came >from the Lodz area. In my Jewishgen search I have found two
'Mordka Mendels' - Rochferger and Rochwerger - >from Lowicz born
in 1871 and 1880 - cousins? My f-inlaw only had sisters so we
'Rockbergers' are the last of the line - or are we?

On my f-inlaw's British naturalization certificate Jacob Isaac
Rochverger became Jack Rockberger.

The name is/was Rochverger/Rochferger/Rochwerger.

We are going to be in Chicago next week for a few days - so if
anyone thinks they may be related...please send a mail to

Ingrid Rockberger

Researching: ROCHVERGER - Lodz area, Poland, KONARSKI/KONIARSKI
- Zloczew, Poland, LAJZEROWICZ - Lutotow, Poland.

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