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Today I came upon a wonderful coincidence. About one year ago I was
contacted by Adam Katzeff of Sweden and Debra Katz of California. They had
family that lived in Cesis (Wenden) Latvia at the same time that mine did (my
mgm, her sister and parents). At the turn of the last century Wenden's
jewish population numbered between 20-40 families, so we agreed that it's
almost certain that the families knew each other.

The story took a strange twist today when I noticed that the Katz/Katzeff
family had also lived at one point in Siauliai, Lithuania. As it happens, my
ggm was >from there, as well. This has sparked discussion as to whether we
may, in fact, be related. The thinking here is that in a society that was
not terribly mobil (especially for jews), you have people >from a modest-sized
town ending up in the same very small town. And at that, the 2 cities are at
some distance >from each other. One is tempted to believe that there must be
familial ties at the root of this relocation.

To this point we have yet to discover any surnames in common. Have others
discovered such migration patterns in their research? And were the people

Thankful for all responses and speculation.

L'Shana tovah

Ty Henken
Centennial, Colo.

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