Re: 1894 EIDB info #general

One of the Krivs <lkriv@...>

In 1924m\, my grandparents came >from Russia through Turkey with my
grandmother's brother. He traveled steerage and they went 2nd Class.
However, they were also listed, then crossed out, on the Steerage manifest.
Their given and surnames were spelled differently between the two
mainfests. Why, I have no idea. Different clerks for different classes?

Larry Kriv

"Haviva Langenauer" <> wrote

Hi Genners,
In looking for a relative who came through Ellis Island, I found
entries for a Moses Rosenmann age 14, and a Moche Rosenmann age
11, travelling together on the same ship on the same date. The
handwritten manifest, of course, is terribly incomplete, so no info
is available there. The text manifest is completely missing from
the internet site. Here's my question. Could these two boys be
one and the same because they have the same Hebrew name? The
alternate explanation is that they were cousins.

Has anyone found two entries, for the same relative, on the same
ship, with two different ages, and slightly different given names?
Any help is appreciated.

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