List of names from St.Louis 1960 50th Wedding Anniversary #general


Hello all
I have start to do a new branch on my tree The Hirschowitz branch and I
found a post card with all this names on it I guess this is the best place
to start. Some how all this people are relate to me and I would like to
know how. I am looking for any info on any one on this list thank you for
any help
moshe schaeffer
Bachman, Hirschowitz , Kauff, Kirschner, Levy, Rosenstein, Schaeffer,
Schaffer, Shuval, Weiss

Hirschowitz Family at 50th wedding Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Covitz in St
Louis or Clayton Missouri March 21

Mr and Mrs Louis Covitz -St Louis Missouri
Mr and Mrs Dane Denlia
Lillie C. Taylor
Flo Covitz
Elizabeth Taylor
Mr and Mrs Sam Schuner
Mr and Mrs A. Covitz
Mr and Mrs Sam and Toby Schwartz -Baltimore, Md
Mrs Gertrude Stein - Jefferson City Missouri
Stephina Taylor Cohen
Irv and Syl Covitz
Eleanor Chatman
Minnie and Sam Goldstein
Mr and Mrs Hyman Goldstein
Nettie Covitz
Mr and Mrs Simon Shanker
Mary and Hyman Goldstein

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