1930 Census Confusion-KESSELMAN #general

Jackye Sullins <jsullins@...>

The more I do genealogy, the more twists and turns this journey takes. The
more work I do, it seems like I know less.

#1. Family lore (heard >from two sisters who were very sure) has it that
their father deserted the family and returned to Russia. He left his wife
a few years earlier and they were divorced. She struggled as a nurse's
aide to make ends meet. The sisters remember distinctly that he left on a
Sat. night shortly after one sister's 10th birthday. She said the date
was March 19, 1927. Well, I found the family right where I was told they
would be -in the Bronx and there was the father! Said he was naturalized
but I don't believe that and the occupation fits. The only thing I can
see wrong is the daughter is a year older in the census but that doesn't
bother me.

Question: Could the wife make it look like he still lived with them to
avoid embarrassment? Could she tell the census taker he still lived there?
Any other suggestions are welcome.

#2. The sister of the above KESSELMAN had twins on March 1, 1930 and I
have the listing >from the NY birth index to substantiate the date. They
are not listed in the census taken on April 5th.

What to do? What to do?

Jackye Sullins
San Diego

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