Re: Is "Finland" in Poland? #general

Alexander Sharon

"Margiloff" wrote >

The 1900 census enumerator recorded "Finland" for my grandmother's
brother's country of origin. (My grandmother was always shown as
originating in "Russia".) In the 1920 census, her brother was shown to be
from Poland and his native language Polish. So if the 1900 enumerator was
paying attention, did he hear the name of a town or district in Poland
that he misinterpreted as Finland, the country? ShetlSeeker provides no
likely results at all with a variety of inputs beginning with F, W or V.
Any suggestions?

Irwin Margiloff
Duarte, California

There is no town by name Finland (or similar) in Poland. Finland was a
Russian province, same as was part of Poland.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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