JGFF answers #general

Phyllis Blumenfeld <pblumenfeld@...>

Dear Genners;
I want to thank all those who agreed or disagreed with me regarding
receiving answers >from the JGFF listers. But, at this time, as per the
moderator, we have thoroughly exhausted the subject and it is time to move
on to something more interesting. I will continue to plod on whether I am
disappointed or not as that is what we are all about. Most of the family
probably thinks I am a crazy old lady, but it's not only challenging for
the past 18 years, but it keeps me out of real trouble and lets me think I
have something to leave behind for my children & grandchildren to think
Phyllis Blumenfeld

BERMAN...Nowy Sacz/Gribow TRAURIG...Wisnicz/Israel
BERNSTEIN...Lomza/Przasnysz SCHNALL...Tuckahoe, N.Y.
BLUMENFELD/SUSSMAN...Podul Ilieu,Romania
BLUMENFELD...Iasi/Pascani, Romania

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