Re: Location of town Ostrog #general

Alexander Sharon

*Chaim Luria* wrote

Is the town of Ostrog located near Elblag on the northern coast of Poland
today ?

Chaim Luria
Yes, there is indeed town Ostrog near larger town Elblag on the Poland's
Baltic coast.

Problem is that those both ex East Prussian towns have been renamed as
Ostrog and Elblag >from Bollwerk and Elbing respectively, only after the end
of WWII.

Polish Ostrog, that you are probably searching for, was (is) located in
Zdolbunow district of Wolynskie Wojewodstwo (Wolyn, Wolynia or Volin

Town has been renamed into current: Ostroh, Ukraine at 5020 2631.

There are nearly 100 entries into Ostrog, Ukraine in JGFF database. JGFF
will be in the nearest future updating database to accommodate newly
established Ukrainian and Belarusian town names

Ostrog means in old Slavic *a jail* , this is probably why another Ostrog
is located on Sakhalin Island, some 4 thousand miles east >from the Kremlin.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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