Obit lookup Philadelphia 1913 DOGULOV #general

Mark Jacobson

My uncle, Charles/Moses DOGULOV (he used both names,
sometimes as Charles M. DOGULOV), died in prison in
Rahway, New Jersey December 19, 1913 at the age of 21.
I have his death certificate, but the cause of death
was blocked out and I don't know why he was in prison
or how long. All I know is that he was at home with
his family in Philadelphia in the 1910 US Census.

He was born in Philadelphia and his father Abraham,
stepmother Minnie and siblings were living in
Philadelphia and I thought there might be an obituary
or news article about his death in the Philadelphia
newspapers that week. Could someone who has access to
the microfilm of the Inquirer, Bulletin or another
newspaper being published at the time please find if
there is any mention of him in the newspapers? I do
not have access to these newspapers at my local
libraries or local universities. Thank you - this
would answer a lot of family mysteries.

Please respond privately. Thanks.

Mark Jacobson

Boca Raton, Florida


DOGULOV - Belaya Tserkov/Kiev Ukraine
COHEN/KANA/KAHAN - Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine
JACOBSON - Polotsk, Belarus COBLENTZ - Polotsk, Belarus
KAMERMAN - Drohobycz, Galicia KOPPEL - Stebnik/Drohobycz, Galicia
JACOBI - Stratyn/Rohatyn, Galicia ROTHLEIN - Stratyn/Rohatyn, Galicia
TUCHFELD - Brzozow/Stryj/Lvov, Galicia

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