David MOSS of Hohenems and Islington, London #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Life is full of surprises. Whilst looking for Abraham MOSS of
Kingston-upon-Hull in answer to a question on the General Discussion Group
today, I stumbled upon a unusual entry in the 1861 England census.

David MOSS is a Swiss muslin manufacturer who was born in Hohenems, Vorarlberg
in about 1816. This is the first time I have seen Hohenems mentioned in the
England and Wales censuses. David's wife is Henrietta {aged 35} and the
children are:
Louisa, Abraham and Caroline 10, 9 and 7 all born in Hohenems. The other
children are listed as being born in England: Rosalie, Bertha and Gustavus.

The Moss family obviously arrived in England in the late 1850s. In the later
censuses, Rosalie is listed as born in Austria. Living with the family is
Soloman ESCHEWEGE aged 29, born in Hanau, Hessen, listed as a brother-in-law
and dealer in Colonial wares. There is also a cousin with an indecipherable
name born in Botzen in the Tyrol {now Bolzano, S Tyrol} - Hannah NOIX? aged 21.

So we do have a little family tree here with potential links to the three
listings for ESCHWEGE >from Germany in the JGFF and members of GERSIG perhaps?

I have written briefly about the Jews of Hohenems before [see the Austria-Czech
message archives Sept 2005]. I talked about the name changes following the
Josef II Toleranz Patent and we see a MOSES family listed here who changed
their names to REICHENBACH and MENZ. Abraham MOOS became Abraham REICHENBACH.


Could David >from Islington be his son? MOSS would be a better name in England
than REICHENBACH. We can see the large MOSS family in the 1871 & 1881 censuses:

1871: David 55; Henrietta 45; Abraham 19; Carolina 18; Rosalie 16; Gustavus 11
born UK; Bertha 13 born UK; Leopold 9 born UK; Sophia 5 born UK.

1881 David 65; Henrietta 55; Abraham 29; Bertha 23; Gustav 21; Leopold 19;
Sophy [sic] 15.

I presume Caroline and Rosalie have married. But by 1891 the Hohenems family
has disappeared. Have the parents died or has the whole family emigrated
elsewhere or returned to Austria? Hohenems did have a thriving textile industry
- perhaps they returned there to continue in business, tired of life in London
and longing for the mountains of Austria? As for Solomon ESCH{E}WEGE and cousin
Hannah - I could not find them either after 1861! Were they also just passing
through on the way to a better life elsewhere? I wish I knew.

I have sent a copy of this mail to the Jewish Museum at Hohenems.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnote: you will not find David MOSS listed under Austria in the 1861 census
of England and Wales. He appears mysteriously under "Hohenems Voralberg,
Cheshire, England." You will also not find cousin Hannah listed under Botzen
or Bolzano, Tyrol because that is indexed as "Boken Tywl Amtrin"

Surely these are two of the most garbled transcription errors ever!

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