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Susana Leistner Bloch

We are posting this message on behalf of Reina Benaderet de Navarro. The
message was received in Spanish. This is the translation:

<< My grandfather: he was called Zigmund MARKIEWITZ BROSCA (at least this
is the way he appeared in his documents in Uruguay), my mother went two
years ago to the Polish embassy in Uruguay (that is where my grandfather
lived) and they told her that his last name was MARKOWICZ, been born in
Poland in 1903, in the city of Sosnovicz [Sosnowiec],but it seems that he
went later to Oberchlesing. His father's name was Moises Markowicz, his
mother Blima Brosca.

According to the Polish ambassador my grandfather had a brother called
Jacobo Mayer Markowicz born in 1901 married with Estela Malka LIBERMECZ,
they had two children, Moises Markowicz born 21/09/1929 and Frimeta
Markowicz born 31/12/1930. According to the information that I have (also
from the embassy) there was a concentration camp in Sosnovicz and almost
all those that were Jews died. According to what my grandfather told us,
we think that his parents were farmers.

What we did not manage to understand with my mother, is why we received a
request to claim some account in Switzerland (In Re Holocaust Victim Assets
Litigation) if we never tried to find out or demanded anything, how did
they found out of grandfather's existence and how did they know where we
lived? I believe that the form arrived in the yr. 2000

I salute you and hope that you can help me.
Thank you very much. Shalom, Reina >>

If you can help Reina in her search, please reply to < >

Thank You.

Susana Leistner Bloch
Project Manager, JewishGen International Desk

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