What a great organization! #general

Thomas F. Weiss

Last night I posted two items on ViewMate asking for help in
translating the inscription on my great grandmother's tombstone.
When I woke up this morning there were already a half dozen replies
and they keep coming in. I now have a complete translation. A big
thanks to all who helped. However, none of this would have been
possible without the JewishGen infrastructure. Therefore, I decided
to make a modest contribution to help support the infrastructure that
makes possible the kind of success I had today.

I urge everyone to make a contribution -- even a modest one
-- every time they obtain some useful information on JewishGen. If
this occurred then the infrastructure could be maintained in a free
and open manner and even expanded. Otherwise I suspect we will not
have a JewishGen as we know it. So please go to


and be generous! My great grandmother will appreciate it.

Best regards,

Tom Weiss

Thomas F. Weiss
Newton, MA

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