Re: Question on Grandma's ship registry #general

sallybru <sallybru@...>

You will note that the comment is for women only. Women were not allowed
into the US except in the custody of an adult male relative-husband, father,
brother, or an adult son-who would presumably support them. The women on
the passenger list were noted to be accompanied by or met by a male. Going
to a male was not good enough; he had to be there.

Sally Bruckheimer
Albany, NY

"On my grandmother's ship manifest, written by hand across the columns
19-24, is something that I need help with. The words look like 'Dis to
Baden'. Many other passengers on this sheet had similar notations, Dis
to Son, Dis to Bro, Dis to Father, Dis to Husb. Can anyone tell me what
these notations mean?"

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