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Dear Genners:

I am continuing my search for information about R' Nathan BRENNER of
Philadelphia. I do not know when he came to the US, but I know that he was
at least 40 years old when my husband's gm, Tillie Gertrude KULPE came to
his care >from Lithuania in about 1903. Tillie was a cousin of R' BRENNER's
wife, Mollie SATENSTEIN BRENNER. It is presumed (but not proven yet) that R'
BRENNER married Tillie KULPE and Charles SOMMERS in about 1905.

from an email sent to me this week I learned that:
- In June 1918, B'nai Israel-Anshe Poland converted an old tenement at
324-326 Fitzwater Avenue into a synagogue Inside and outside renovations
were made.Nathan BRENNER become the rabbi at Anshe Poland. in 1919.

- R' BRENNER was born in lLthuania circa 1862, He was educated at a yeshiva
in Kovno and immigrated to the US while still a young man.

- R' BRENNER was recongized by Charles S. Bernheimer in 1906 as being an
authority on Jewish Law in the Russian community.

- R' BRENNER was installed on Sunday August 17,1919. He was escorted from
his home in Port Richmond at 2856 Tulip Street to Ansche Poland in a flag
bedecked automobile.

- In attendance was BRENNER's son-in-law Rev. Morris H. KAPLANDER, the
rabbi of Congregation Kesher Israel, Reading Pennsylvania.

- R' BRENNER became the Rabbi at Ateres Israel in south Philadelphia where
he served for many years.

1. Does anyone have any of the writings of Charles S. Bernheimer that would
vlidate this claim regarding Rabbi BRENNER's expertise?

2. Where did R' BRENNER serve before his brief stay in 1919 at Anshei

3. Does Ateres Israel still exist? If so, does anyone have an address or

4. Where are R' BRENNER and his wife Mollie (Malka) SATENSTEIN BRENNER

Any more information is appreciated.

Regards, Marlene Bishow Potomac, MD

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