October issue of Sharsheret Hadorot #general

Yocheved Klausner

The articles in the next issue of Sharsheret Hadorot (October 2002).

Three articles provide us with helpful tools in genealogical research:
The appropriate way to interview survivors of the Holocaust.
A system, in the framework of the research, to trace people who bear the
same first name.
The first of a series of short articles containing advice on recording
genealogical data.

Helpful tools of another nature are presented in three additional articles:
How to draw genealogical facts >from Ketubot [Jewish marriage contracts].
The Jewish cemetery of Shumen, Bulgaria, as a resource for genealogical
Jewish names in Italy and what we can learn >from them.

Articles on family research deal with the following subjects:
Solving a family mystery.
Research on the maternal side of the family.
Special relationships in the family
A trip to ancestral lands.

Best wishes to all,
Yocheved Klausner, Editor
Sharsheret Hadorot

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