Re: 9/11 Jewish Victims List #general

Linda <altmanlh@...>

On Thu, 26 September 2002, Lynne Shapiro wrote:

This would be a worthwhile project, to both honor those lost and to in
some small way counter the notion in large segments of the Arab world
that Jews somehow knew of the event in advance and did not go into work
at the World Trade Center that day. But there are already lists of
victims, which of course do not specify religion...>
Lynne brings up some very good points. The biggest issue, I believe is the
one of privacy. Unfortunatley there are those who look to capitalize on
other peoples misfortunes. By publishing personal data on those that
perished, it may open up the door for such things. A lot of these people
have living parents, siblings and children. To publish the personal data in
a publically accessable datase raises a lot of privacy issues. Look at it
this way - do you want your name, address, phone number, name of spouse,
children's names, religon, and parents names published for all to see?
Granted armed with a credit card, internet access and a name I can get most
of this information, probably more. But why make it any easier?

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