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Batya Olsen <batyao@...>

One way would be to submit obituaries which have been published. Does
anyone know if any of the volunteer obituary collection groups (RootsWeb or

I checked Special Obituary Collections on the Web and found nothing.

A further check shows that the New York Obituary Link Page
< > has a page called "Obituaries
of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001" which seems to be put
together by the New York Times
< > These are
arranged, it seems, by the date that they were added to the lists between
September 15th and November 27, 2001. These are called profiles and vary in
content. I checked some profiles of those with Jewish sounding names - some
mentioned religion, most didn't, some gave enough family information to
permit further research, some didn't. I looked through most of the over 60
pages, each with links to 10 to 20 profiles but didn't find the name of
someone whom I knew was on Flight 11. (I have a copy of his obituary >from
the Boston Globe.) This would be a fairly large project.

Just my two cents.


Lynne Shapiro wrote:

This would be a worthwhile project, to both honor those lost and to in
some small way counter the notion in large segments of the Arab world
that Jews somehow knew of the event in advance and did not go into work
at the World Trade Center that day. But there are already lists of
victims, which of course do not specify religion. How would we know
which of the victims were Jewish? Would it be a list based on
submissions of family members? That would probably not be very complete,
because only a certain segment of the population would submit names.
Also, for the list to be most useful genealogically, it would have to
contain additional information, such as the date of birth and parents'
names of the victims. People might understandably feel reluctant to give
this information to an instantly accessible list, since it could invade
their privacy. Does anyone see a way around these issues?

Lynne Shapiro
Western Mass.

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