Re: Winnipeg, Manitoba, history #general

Haviva Langenauer <havival@...>

Hi Genners,
I recently asked if anyone knew of a web address where I could find stories
of Jewish families and why they had come to Winnipeg. A number of genners
wrote to me, not with the information, but rather asking me to share if
someone sent the address to me. Here goes.
The address is
This is a website for the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, and has a section
called Book of Life, that contains personal stories and photos.

Two thoughts come to me.
First, cast a wide-enough net for your search. I had been looking for
'Winnipeg' and the answer was under 'Manitoba'.
Second thought is that our Jewish Gen Digest readers do not disappoint. I
have always had wonderful responses, and especially having to do with our
Canadian friends. Thank you.

Haviva Dolgin Langenauer
So. Florida

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