Re: Memorial to murdered Jews near Riga #general


Robert W Fraser wrote:

About a year ago, a memorial was unveiled at the Bikernieker (spelling
may be incorrect) woods near Riga (Latvia) to the Jews who were shot and
buried here in mass graves in 1941-2. My grandparents were probably
amongst them. Has anybody got a detailed location for them please?
My cousin was instrumental in initiating the memorial. He attended the
unveiling that included about a dozen German mayors and schoool children
from whose towns Jews were sent to Riga to be murdered. These mass graves
includes others such as Jews >from Riga and Russian Prisoners of War. The
memorial is in the Bikernieki forest. The locations of the mass graves are
not all known.
There is no list of the names of the victims in each the mass graves.
There are lists of those that were sent >from these German cities to Riga.
A copy of these lists were encased in the monument.

Photos of site and ceremony:

Enzo Falco
Belmont, Massachusetts

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