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Warren Blatt <wblatt@...>

JewishGen is pleased to announce a major new InfoFile:
"Manifest Markings: A Guide to Interpreting Passenger List
Annotations", written by Marian L. Smith, the Historian of
the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

This new InfoFile can be found at
< >.

The pages of this InfoFile intend to provide a comprehensive
reference guide to interpreting the markings, or annotations,
found on U.S. passenger arrival lists. These annotations
include a variety of markings, codes, and annotations squeezed
into the margins and small blank spaces above and behind
information written in the lists' columns.

Describing the impetus for this InfoFile, Marian Smith writes:

"Researchers have always asked me to help them understand
the numbers and bits of writing they find added to ship
passenger list records. Some years ago, I published an
article explaining the most common annotations. But this
simply led to more researchers asking more questions, and
since the New York passenger list records became available
online at, the number of questions

I wanted to publish something more, but knew the day after
printing, someone would send me a new annotation like none
I'd ever seen before. At that point, the published article
would be obsolete. So I fixed upon the idea of a web
publication, which could be updated with new examples or
expanded to clarify certain points as the need arises.
JewishGen agreed to make it possible by helping and hosting
the site."

We are deeply appreciative of the work that Marian Smith has
put into this site, and also thank JewishGen volunteer Elise
Friedman for her work in preparing this material for web

This thoroughly illustrated new InfoFile can be found at:
< >.


Warren Blatt
Editor-in-Chief, JewishGen
Boston, MA

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