Lipany, Slovakia / Hethars, Hungary ShtetLink #general

Debbie Raff

It appears that I have authored a ShtetLink ShtetLink site for Lipany,
Slovakia (formerly Hethars, Hungary) this weekend! This was not a plan at
all, but just evolved.

This is a classic case of getting the cart before the horse. In fact, it
was only a few minutes ago that I filled out the reservation form , which is
usually the beginning of the process.

The site is not online, yet, but I thought I would write the group, and ask
if anyone out there happens to have photos for Lipany or other information,
which may be of assistance. There is a town of the same name in the Czech
Republic, but this is not the town that I am referring to in this post.

I have used the usual sources, including the newly published "The
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life". Now, I thought I would see if somebody out
in cyber-space has a treasure trove of old postcards, etc. or an interest
in this town. Right now, I think only my relatives are on the Family

Please contact me privately, and of course, thanks in advance,

Debbie Raff

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