WHat is new on the Belarus SIG website #general

Edward Rosenbaum <erosenbaum@...>

This month, 6 new pages with over 16500 names have been added to the Belarus
SIG website.

-1906 Minsk Uyezd Duma List

-Borisov and Vicinity Relief Committee, contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

-Mogilev Cemetery, contributed by Leonid Plotkin

-Amdurer Benevolent Association, contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

-Baranowicher Farbrand of America New Baranowicher Branch 446 National
Workers Alliance, contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

-The Shtetls of Belarus has been enhanced to have links >from each shtetl to
the Jewish Encyclopedia website.

Please take a few minutes and see if any of the new pages help with your

Edward Rosenbaum
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