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Joan Parker <housemom@...>

Dear Shel,

The only information I have that may be of some help, is that the Plotzker
Young Men's Independent Association has a burial section in Mt.Zion in
Maspeth and is one of many. Plotzker indicates they were >from Plock,

These various associations or landmanschaften as they are called, were
places to which immigrants >from the same shtetl or big city could go for
help in settling as well as financial and other support mechanisms.

Joan Parker
Miami, FL
Searching: GOLDBERG and GOODSTEIN-Plock, Poland/Russia and Brooklyn, NY;
PINKUS and WINOGRAD-Odessa, Ukraine and Brooklyn, NY; GELFAND-Minsk and
Bronx, NY; YEHUDIS; KATZ, Bronx, NY

We have several EIDB records in which the passengers
were headed for Maspeth, Long Island, NY. I see lots
of references in the JG Archives to cemeteries and
burials in Maspeth, but just wondering if it had any
other significance at the turn of the 20th c.?

Was there a Jewish aid agency there to which
immigrants would have gone for help in getting

Was there a significant Jewish population there who
would have provided support for new immigrants?

Any help would be appreciated.


Shel Bercovich

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