The mystery unfolds... #general

Marilyn Feingold <mrl@...>

My mystery search is slowly yielding results. I know now that Benjamin
Weissmann came to America in 1888. His son was born in Bucharest. He came
with his wife, Lena (Evelyn) and son, age 5, Samuel Henry. I'm assuming
that Benjamin might also have been born in Bucharest. The question for you
out there is this. Benjamin was 40 when he came to America. How can I
find out more about what was going on bucharest in 1888 that would have
made them want to leave. Is there anything on the web about Jews in
bucharest-any vital records on the internet? I know that Benjamin's wife
had two other children, but only one survived. Is there anyway I can get
more information about this. They lived at 133 Gorck Street in Manhatten
during the 1900 census. Is anyone familiar with this address? So many
questions... Thanks for your interest. marilyn feingold

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