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Yaov Epelman asked about :

a very small village in the boarder between Lithuania and Latvia called
"Passele" and it was destroyed in WW2.
Passele appears to be near "Vekshna" in the country of "Mozsheker" -
??? Someone has an idea about these places?
I know about "Vekshna" because part of my own family was >from there but
not about the other towns. So this question provided an opportunity to do
some detective work using the JewishGen Shtetl Seeker. I started by
looking for "Vekshna" on the Stetl Seeker. The results of the search
showed that "Vekshna" was a variant name of the town now known as
Vieksniai, in northwest Lithuania, not far >from the Latvian border.
The latitude and longitude of Vieksniai are 5614 and 2231.

I then looked up phonetic variations of Mozsheker, specifying that I
wanted to find its distance relative to the latitude and longitude of
Vieksniai. The search turned up a number of names but only a few that
were within 25 miles of Vieksniai. One of them was now know as Meskiai,
which was about 9 miles S of Vieksnaiai - away >from Latvia. There were
two within 25 miles of Vieksniai that are now known as Mazeikiai, one of
which was about 21 miles ESE of Vieksniai, also away >from Latvia, and the
other was a Mazeikiai that was about 12 miles WNW of Vieksniai, almost
right on the border with Latvia. My guess is that this is the you are

Finally, I looked up "Passele", also specifying that I wanted to find its
distance >from the latitude and longitude of Vieksniai. The search again
turned up a number of towns now known as Pasile. Most of them were S or E
of Vieksniai, away >from Latvia and Mazeikiai. One of them was about 26
miles W of Vieksniai, again not far >from the Latvian border.

If you click on the coordinates for each of these towns in Shtetl Seeker,
you are taken to maps generated by MapQuest, that you can print out and
use to see the whole picture.

All of your questions were answered, to a high level of probability, using
JewishGen's resources. Another reason to send thank-you donations to
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