Wrong name in UK 1901 census (KITCHENER not KOSEN) #general

Marty Meyers <meyers01@...>


A couple of weeks ago, I reported finding my great-grandparents in Leeds by
searching the UK 1901 census. I had been told by family that the family
name originally had been something like Kirschner or Kitchner but I had no
success at all searching surnames. By searching on (first names, born in
Russia, Leeds, and age), I found the four of them (Solomon-boot maker,
wife Mina, my grandfather Samuel and his brother Morris) living in Leeds,
just like the old family story. However, I found them with the surname
KOSEN which no one had ever heard of. So, here I think I have a lead and
discovered something new.

The family story also said that my grandfather's sister Dora was born in
Leeds, so I contacted the Leeds office for records and gave them the
information I had, including their 1901 address, and asked if they had a
birth record for a Dora KOSEN (or KIRSCHNER). I just received an email
response saying they had found her birth record, matching both the
parents names and the 1901 census street address but the name was Dora
KITCHENER, which is close to the family story's surname.

So I guess the lesson is to be suspicious of everything. Who knows where
the KOSEN name on the census came from..................KOSEN doesn't even
seem close to me.


Marty Meyers

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