Egyptian Jews in Israel #general

Carol Rider <crider@...>

The "Union des Juifs d'Egypte en Israel" are publishing a book on the
achievements of Egyptian-Israeli Jews living in Israel. If you are
researching family in Israel this book may be of use; note however, it is
written in Hebrew. The book will be discussed at a meeting of Egyptian
Jews being held in Holon, Israel on October 19, 2002.

More information can be obtained about the book by contacting the above
group either at their website or address. They are as follows:

Historical Society of Jews >from Egypt
P.O. Box 230445
Brooklyn, New York 11223

telephone 718-998-2497

I have no interest in the above, financially or otherwise, except as an
interested genealogist.

Carol Rombro Rider Baltimore, Maryland USA

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