Re: Who filled out info for headstones and death certificates? #general

Mark Jacobson

My grandfather was the president of a Drohobycz
Landsmanschaften burial society in New York and I know
that they only issued burial permits for the person to
be buried in the plot. They did not provide any
information about parent's names or anything else for
the stone. I handled this for the society when he
became ill, so I know how it worked for them and other
societies. Father's name and the person's Hebrew name
information is given to the stone maker by the person
who orders and pays for the stone, usually the next of
kin. Since the death certificate is prepared
immediately after the person's death, their close
relative might be upset and not remember the person's
father's name. After weeks or months they go to the
stonemaker to prepare the stone and they have a clear
mind or they had the opportunity to look up the
information or ask someone else in the family. I know
when I gave the information to the stone maker for my
grandparents they did not ask me for proof of the
names and accepted what I said. All they did is made
sure it was a correct Hebrew name and they spelled it
in Hebrew and gave me a diagram of how it would look
before they carved it.

Mark Jacobson

Boca Raton, FL


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