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I have the same problem with my grandfather. I have his petition that
clearly states that he was denied 4 times, up until 1919 because my
grandfather did not show up for his hearing. Yet in the 1920 census it
shows he was naturalized in 1919. I have looked everywhere written to NARA
etc, and I find no indication that he was naturalized, so I am now going
under the assumption that my grandfather did not tell the truth to the
census taker and he never was naturalized.

I thought I heard at one time that Aliens were suppose to check in with the
INS on a yearly basis, but I have no proof to back that up, I cannot find
the original email where I was told that. If anyone has such information I
would greatly appreciate hearing about it.

Helene Rose-Carson
Crossville, TN
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Subject: Naturalization petition denied - now what?
I received a petition for naturalization for a
relative, dated 1912. At the end of it, there was a
statement denying the petition and the reason given
was that one of the witnesses (brother in law) was
not a US citizen. It said the petition was denied
"without prejudice". But in the 1920 census it
indicates that he was a citizen. Would there have
been other papers involved?

The "Intention" had been filed in Bismarck, ND in
1889.And the petition in Portland, OR. 1912.

Dorothy Dellar Kohanski
Laguna Woods, CA

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