Passenger Lists: Romania->Israel (Palestine) 1882 #general

Arnon Hershkovitz <arnonh@...>


Where can I get passenger lists of ships went in 1882 >from Romania to Palestine?
I have the names of the ships (*Tetis* - in which I'm
interested, *Denia*, *Iris*) as well as the qrriving date of *Tetis*

I'm looking for information about my g-gfather, Moshe Hirsch HERSHKOVITZ - and
his family, on that ship.

Thanks in advance,

Arnon Hershkovitz
Haifa, Israel

HERSHKOVITZ: Romania (Galatz?) -> Israel (1882),
JACOBSON: Pinsk (Minsk Gub.), Belarus -> Israel (1880s);
GOLDBERG: Vienne(?) -> Jerusalem (1838),
LIBMAN: Volochisk & Krasilov, Ukraine (Volhynia Gub.) -> Israel (1920s);
SCHREIER: Orinin, Ukraine (Podolia Gub.) -> Israel (1920s), Russia, USA;
TROP: Grodno -> Israel (mid 19th century).

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