SCHARFSTEIN & WALZER - Uscie Biscupie & Mielnica Galicia (Ukraine) #general

I. Sternberg <isternberg@...>

I am trying to find descendents of SCHARFSTEIN ( SZARFSTEIN )
Aron and / or Motel married with Rachel WALZER >from Uscie
Biscupie, Eastern Galicia ( or Mielnica ) that came to New
York ( no date available ) probably between 1910 and 1920.
Rachel WALZER had two brothers Itzig and Haim ( Jaim ) WALZER.

Caracas Venezuela

Please answer privately

STERNBERG (Sadgura and Radauti, Bukowina); WALZER (Uscie
Biscupie and Mielnica Galicia); GROPPER (Radauti, Bukowina);
NUSSENBAUM (Borszczow- Galicia); SCHARFSTEIN (Uscie
Biscupie- Galicia); WEITMAN (Uscie Biscupie - Galicia);
LESNER (Uscie Biscupie- Galicia)

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