Manhattan, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn City Directory Question #general

Aaron Slotnik

In an attempt to locate people in non name indexed New York
state and Federal censuses, I am trying to find them in city
directories so that I can get their address. I am looking
for people in Manhattan and Bronx boroughs in 1928-1930,
Queens in 1925, and Brooklyn in 1915 and 1925. I have been
told by the New York Public Library that they only have
directories for Manhattan and Bronx for 1925 and 1931, and
that Queens and Brooklyn's were not published between 1913
and 1933. I have found people in the available directories,
but they weren't at those addresses in the census.

Were the equivalent of phone books being published in place
of the city directories and if so, where are they available?
Are there any other suggestions for finding addresses in these

Aaron Slotnik
Chicago, IL USA

WOROSHILSKY - Bialystok area, Poland
GOLDBERG - Dabrowa Bialostocka, Poland
ZLOTNIK - Warsaw area, Poland
BLUMENTHAL, SCHAPIRA - Gusyatin, Gorodenka, Ukraine
BLUM, KATZ, MARTON - Salaj and Maramures Counties, Romania

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