*Read* your posting, *know* who sent what #general


Someone recently posted a query about a family named EPPELBAUM somewhere
in Poland. I thought I'd be helpful and pointed out various alternate
name spellings to check for. Alas, I am no Newton, but since that mement
I have been showered with fruit >from every *apple tree*.

Please, folk, don't simply click the "reply" button when you think you
have something momentous to tell--make sure you know whom the original
message or inquiry actually came >from (It's there, right on the first line
of the message "In a message dated . . . xyz@klm.com writes"). Don't
simply reply to the person who signs the message.

Many of the responses I got were addressed to me personally--and so they
never reached the persdon they were intended for or the List membership.

Please, if you have info for the Appel- Eppel- or whatever -baum family,
send it to the persons who asked, not by a bystander who innocently
thought he could help. This isn't the first time it's happened to me, and
I'm sure it's happened to many other people who wanted to be helpful.

And please, remember, I know nothin at all about any APPEL- or EPPEL
family. I had originally tried to be helpful, I subsequently tried to be
polite to all who wrote to tell them they have the wrong guy. Don't
misaddress any other messages to me. I won't even bother to open them.

Michael Bernet, New York <mBernet@aol.com>

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