Your Roots in Canada #general

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Those interested in your Canadian roots might find the
following site of some interest: "Our Roots: Canada's
Local Histories Online"


The digitization is far >from complete (my ancestral
towns in Alberta are not included yet, for example),
but I found one reference to one of my families that I
didn't know existed. :-)


Shel Bercovich,
Calgary, AB, Canada

Searching: BERCOVICI, GOLDENBERG, MOSCOVITZ - Darabani, Dorohoi, Iasi,
Havirna & Stefanesti, Romani
ECHTER - Tulchin, Balta, & Krivoye Ozero, Ukraine
KLEBANOV (various spellings),
LIPKIND - Minsk Gubernia; USA
ZWANG - Argentina; Israel; Ukraine

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