Looking for Judy SACK #general

Michelle Leo <shell-leo@...>

I am looking for Judy SACK or her descendants. She is the daughter of
Esther Rolnik, born 9/29/1911, died 4/18/1952 and George SACK. After
Esther's death, George and Judy may have moved to Massachusetts >from New
York City. Esther Rolnik was my grandfather's sister.

Please send any information privately to shell-leo@attbi.com. Thank you in
advance for your help.

Michelle Leo
Verona, PA

ROLNIK-Pinsk, Belarus, USA, SACK-USA, NEEDLEMAN-Narovlya and Mozyr, Belarus,
USA, RAIDER-Belarus, USA, FRIEDMAN-Pinsk, Belarus, New York City, USA.

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